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We Craft the Highest Quality Coffee Blends for Restaurants, Bakeries, Shops & Coffee Lovers - Then Use Our Platform to Giveback.

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Stageline Coffee Roasters – Mistletoe

“Mistletoe” from Stageline Coffee roaster: Stageline Coffee Roasters; New Market, MD origin: Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia (blend) price: $19 tasting: 12/16/18 This coffee makes the relatively short trip to Kittanning from New Market, Maryland. Stageline …


Progress Coffee Driveway Blend

“Driveway Blend” from Progress Coffee roaster: Progress Coffee; Austin TX origin: Sumarta, Ethiopia (blend) price: $11 tasting: 12/10/18 This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed from Progress Coffee. Progress is a small batch roaster …


Where to Find Ispirare Coffee

We Continue to Grow But Our Mission Hasn’t Change – Create Amazing Coffees that Make You Feel INspired, and Giveback! Our newest retail location is HLane Dry Goods & Coffee …