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Eleven Speed Coffee – Burundi Gahahe

Burundi Gahahe Honey from Eleven Speed Coffee roaster: Eleven Speed Coffee; Victoria, BC origin: Burundi price: $19 ($CD) tasting: 3/17/19 Eleven Speed Coffee is a Canadian craft coffee company from Victoria, British …

Strigo Coffee

Strigo Coffee – Thee-O’s Blend

“Thee-O’s Blend” from Strigo Coffee roaster: Strigo Coffee; Norwalk, CT origin: Brazil, Uganada price: $18 tasting: 3/04/19 This coffee is a blend of beans from Brazil & Uganda, and it comes Strigo Coffee …


Cody Coffee – Bliss Creek Peru

“Bliss Creek” from Cody Coffee roaster: Cody Coffee Roasters; Cody, WY origin: Peru price: $14 – (1lb) tasting: 2/4/19 This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed from Wyoming’s Cody Coffee. The name sake …