Coffee – It’s the first thing we crave in the morning – it compliments our conversations, inspires ideas and warms the soul. Our coffees are crafted to fuel your day and inspire your spirit.

Our Story – Ispirare Coffee was started by Amber & Michael Rizzo, who while traveling would visit local coffee shops. We fell in love with the experiences and nuances of great coffee. So many of life’s special moments happen over coffee, and we had the desire to do something in coffee. We went to coffee school in Italy, and realized becoming a roaster would be a great option. We spent a year working on our initial coffee blends, as we wanted to create unique and consistent blends that would appeal to all coffee drinkers. In April of 2017 we officially launched Ispirare Coffee with the goal of creating truly inspirational coffees, for all of life’s moments. In early 2020 we open Ispirare Coffeehouse in downtown Kittanning PA, with the goal of creating a world class coffeeshop and community space. The hope is the coffeeshop will attract people into and help revitalize downtown Kittanning PA.

Our Mission – To share exceptional coffees, aka “inspirational coffees” with the world. The truth is most people still have only tried a few, likely unremarkable coffees. We believe everyone should experience the nuances of great coffee. Through a lot of hard work and innovation we developed our exceptional specialty coffee & espresso blends. They’re designed to be complex, yet smooth, and to provide both comfort and inspiration for your day.

Our Values – As a company we want to be as inspirational as our coffees. We both grew up in economically depressed Western Pennsylvanian towns, and believe that success is not measured by what you get, by what you give. We’re committed to using our resources to help create inspirational moments in the communities we operate.

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Connect With Us – We are based in historic Kittanning, Pennsylvania. For more information please contact us at You’re also encouraged to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.