Rosalind Coffee – Thimu Kenya

“Thimu” from Rosalind Coffee Roasters


roaster: Rosalind Coffee Roasters; Gartland, TX, USA
origin: Thimu, Kenya
tasting: 5/08/2017
price: $unknown

This is the second Rosalind coffee, we’ve reviewed. Since then they’ve been busy, opening up a great store in Gartland, Texas. While they offer some coffees online this one, at least for now is not available.

This coffee is a single origin from Kenya. It’s made up of SL-34 & SL-28 varietals. The coffee is definitely geared towards being served as a pour over. However it does have a much different flavor profile as an espresso. It tastes sweet, with subtle hints of citrus, notes of lemon.

Espresso Rating – 85pts

Again this coffee is ideal for coffee, as opposed to an espresso. As a coffee we tasted noticeable notes of oranges, but it finishes a tad earthy. Makes for a pretty light drinking summer coffee, which sure go over well in Texas.

Coffee Rating – 86pts.

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