Our Signature Coffee.

Sweet chocolate, incredibly smooth, amazing aroma.


Unique, Bright, & Crisp.

Perfect for espresso, it gets the creative juices flowing.


Dark Chocolate, Smooth, Caramel

Very Festive, Hints of Cinnamon & Nutmeg, the Perfect Holiday Gift.

Online Shopping – Coming Soon

Where to buy our coffee:
Who’s Serving –¬† A Mano Pasta Shop (Ford City), KICK Ice Cream (West Kittanning), Mecurio’s (ShadySide), Evolution Grille (Freeport), Madeleine’s Bistro & Bakery (Regent Square)
Who’s Selling – A Mano Pasta Shop (Ford City), Fort Pitt Coffee (Pittsburgh), Labriola’s (Aspinwall), Dizzy Lizzies (Kittanning),¬†Madeleine’s Bistro & Bakery (Regent Square)

If you’re a individual, restaurant, or coffee shop, who wants to learn more about our coffee, reach out to us at or visit our Work with Us Page.