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Welcome to Inspired Grounds – where we share America’s best specialty coffees, and the inspiring stories behind the coffeeshops that serve them. Today’s we’re looking at Normal Roasting Company in Burwell, Nebraska, and trying their Sandhills Espresso Blend.

coffeeshop: Normal Coffee Lab
location: 219 Grand Ave, Burwell, NE 68823

This is a great story, a specialty coffee company deep in the heart of Nebraska, in a town with a population of less than 1,200. The coffeeshop called Normal Coffee Lab is located right in the center of town, on the mail square. It’s a family own and ran place which provides a trendy space you wouldn’t expect to find in Burwell. According to Sara, one of the owners, the Coffeeshop has given our small town a cool place to go. People walk in and say it looks like a shop you’d find in a city, which we love hearing. We wanted to bring Burwell some of the amenities cities have to bring the younger people back home and show them you can live really well in a small town. It’s great to see this family investing in a their town.

If you go, try the Americano – Sara favorite’s drink.

Sandhills Espresso Blend

roaster: Normal Coffee Roasters
origin: Africa, South American
price: $13.00
tasting: 6/10/21

The Sandhills Espresso blend which is named after the famous sandhills in the region is a medium roast coffee, that was light and smooth throughout as a pour over coffee. Slight notes of citrus and lime and were more apparent as an espresso. The espresso was good, nice and flavorful, with notes of citrus. It’s also a great value at $13 a bag.

Challenge: As mentioned in the video, if you’re the first person make to one of the the coffeeshops featured in Inspired Grounds and also visit Ispirare Coffeehouse in Kittanning. We’ll give you a give card to Ispirare Coffee, and probably tell you’re awesome for making the journey.

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