Alternative Milks at the Coffeeshop

What’s the best milk for lattes?

Coffee Shop Vibes – What’s the best milk for a Latte? Discussing the alternative milks we use at the coffeeshop. Mike looks at Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Whole Milk, and Skim Milk, talking about what makes them different, and answers questions about their sugar content, and environmental impact.

Here’s some details about the milk we use.

Calories / Fat grams per serving:
Whole Milk – 150 /8g
Oat – 135 / 7g
Skim – 70 / 0
Almond – 35 / 3g

The almond milk we serve is unsweetened, and has no sugar. Whole & Skim have 12g of sugar & the oat milk 3g.

Finally we can make any drink with any milk.