Aponte Colombia Honey – New Coffee

Colombia Aponte – Honey Processed Now at the Coffeehouse!

We really enjoy bringing new coffees to our Coffeehouse and customers. To us growing up here, it’s extra special that people can come to Kittanning and drink coffee of this caliber. Tomorrow we have another special coffee, and probably most remote coffee we’ve ever served at the Coffeehouse. It’s from Aponte Colombia, which is in the high mountains of the Andes, the community there does not have a lot of infrastructure, including paved roads. It’s also an area that was impacted by earthquakes, and many of people in this region are live in poorer conditions. We try buying coffees from farmers and co-ops that use the resources to improve their quality of life of the community. 

What they do have in Aponte is one of the best environments in the world for growing coffee, which makes this coffee unique. Since it’s a honey processed coffee, it will be a little sweeter. We hope you can stop down and try it.