Coffee Gifts for the Holidays.

Our recommendations of the best coffee gifts for the practical coffee drinker.


The biggest and best piece of coffee equipment you can own is a burr grinder. We recommend the Bartza Encore Grinder ($139), it has 40 grind setting and should be able to meet your daily grinding needs. For 99.99% of coffee drinkers out there, this grinder gives you everything you’ll ever need.encore grinder

Pour Over

For the person who really loves coffee, and enjoys trying new coffees. We recommend the classic 6-cup Chemex ($44). It’s the perfect way to make a couple of cups on a weekend morning. There are many types of pour over products out there, the Chemex is the most popular and has a simple and classic design. Also you’ll need filters, a box of 100 goes for around $11.

Chemex Pour over Gift


If you’re going do to pour over, you also need a proper kettle. We absolutely recommend a goose neck kettle, to give you control. Having a thermometer is also a recommended and helpful feature. As it’s important to have just the right temperature The Coffee Gator 1L kettle is perfect ($44)

Pour Over Kettle

Coffee Mug

There are some many mugs on the market, if you’re looking for a grab and go mug, we like the Bubba Brands Hero Elite ($19). It’s stainless steel, keeps the coffee hot, simple and functional.Coffee Mug


All of the above gifts, can be found on their brand’s websites, Amazon, and many other popular retailers.


If you’re looking for a unique bag of coffee, we recommend checking out some of our coffee reviews. We profile craft roasters from across the country, and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

If you’re planning on serving coffee to your guest, we will suggest some our own blends like the winter blend, which is designed to appeal to the widest array of drinkers, even the occasional drinker.