Our Coffee Has Arrived

Our coffees are in! We’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

Amano Pasta Coffee

Our big kick-off event will be this Friday at Amano Past Shop in Ford City. We’ll be serving *FREE* coffee, starting at 8am. Along with many other delicious sweets the crew at Amano have made for the event.

You’ll find our coffees at:
ShoreHouse Eatery
Evolution Grille
Kristin’s Ice Cream Korner – KICK

You’ll also be able to buy bags of coffee at:
Fort Pitt Coffee (Downtown Pgh)
Labriola’s Italian Market (Aspinwall)
Dizzy Lizzie’s Restaurant

For the latest updates, news & events follow us on:

Instagram – IspirareCoffee

Facebook – IspirareCoffee

Also if you’re interested in selling our coffees, please contact us ispirarecoffee-at-gmail