New Coffee - Costa Rica Sabanila Double Diamond

Introducing Our New Micro Lot Coffee: Costa Rica Sabanila Double Diamond

Region: Sabanilla Alajuela, Costa Rica

Producer: Las Lajas / Chacón Micro Mill

Altitude: 1500+ masl

Natural Processed

Tasting Notes: Wine, Pomegranate, Cranberry

We love sharing great coffees with everyone and we’re proud of the reputation our small company has to create & serve great coffees. We’re excited to bring this new coffee to our Coffeeshop in Kittanning, here are the details. The coffee comes from the volcanic soils on the slopes of the Poas Volcano in Central Costa Rica. The producers are very well known family in the specialty coffee industry for producing high end coffee auctions. The coffee beans are fermented for 72 hours, I’m stainless steel tanks. This unique anaerobic fermentation process results in its sweet wine like profile. This is the most expensive coffee we’ve ever offered. For context we know of popular coffee company in the Southern US, retailing this same lot for $50 a pound. Due to its costs we’re charging an additional .75cent per cup. When we have this as a coffee we’ll also have one of other coffees available.

We hope you can come and experience this unique coffee, it will only be available for a limited time.

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