Alamance Kaffee Werks – Mexico

“Mexico Chiapas” from Alamance Kaffee Werks


roaster:  Alamance Kaffee Werks; Graham, NC.
origin: Chiapas, Mexico
price: $12.99
tasting: 4/8/18

This is the second coffee we reviewed from Alamance, the other was an Indian Coffee that rated quite high. Alamance is a small batch roaster from North Carolina. Most high end Mexican coffees we’ve tried had wine like characteristics, but this seem more traditional. This rain forest grown organic coffee is from the Sierra Madre region, on Mexico’s West Coast is a nice medium roast.

As an espresso you can taste the hazelnuts. It’s semi bitter, with classic espresso characteristics. As a single origin this coffee certainly surprises as an top class espresso.

Espresso Rating – 90pts.

As a pour over coffee we noticed different tasting notes. It definitely has a chocolaty taste with a complex finish, and few rich red berries. This is not a floral coffee, and most coffee drinkers would enjoy this coffee.

Coffee Rating – 87pts.

Special thanks to Daniel from AKW for the coffee, visit them at

About our ratings – For both ratings (espresso & pour over) we’re looking at the flavor profile, along with drink-ability and balance. Reviewing the coffee as the espresso gives us extra insights into the nuanced flavors of the beans.