Bangarang Coffee – Don Sabino

“Don Sabino” (Costa Rica) from Bangarang! Coffee

Bangarang Coffee

roaster: Bangarang! Coffee Roasters; Fullerton, CA, USA
origin: El Jordon; Costa Rica
tasting: 2/10/2017
price: $20.50

Bangarang is a newer roaster form Fullerton CA, started by Travis Hochhalter and Noah Poletiek. They’re getting acclaim for their informative packaging, which goes into detail about the coffee and roasting. Including sharing the roast curve for the coffee on their site. This is also the first $20 plus bag we’ve reviewed on Ispirare, and it will be interesting to see if the demand for single origin specialty coffees, causes continued price increases.

This coffee is sourced from a specific farm in Carrizal de Alajuela, Costa Rica, and is single origin at its finest.  Probably the most flavorful espresso we’ve had. The unique volcanic soils of this farm gives makes for an explosion of tangerine and melons. The flavor is off the charts, and catches you by surprise. However it’s just too sweet for us to drink consistently as an espresso, but it’s so crazy flavorful it was worth the taste. In our opinion a pour over is the way to go with this coffee.

Espresso Rating – 85pts.

As a coffee it carries the same characteristics, but in a much more balanced fashion. It starts with a great burst of tangerine, followed by notes of oranges and citrus. It finishes smooth and crisp.

Coffee Rating – 91pts.

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