Best Coffees in the World – 2017

The Best Coffees in the World 2017


Finca Carmona from 1000 Faces Coffee, Wins Best Overall Coffee & Espresso, while Tinker Coffee’s “Misuku Malawi” claims best coffee!

The best overall coffee of 2017 is “Finca Carmona” from 1000 Faces Coffee, in Athens Ga. These single origin bourbon coffee beans come from volcanic soils around the town of Antigua, in central Guatemala. This coffee rated out as the best espresso we reviewed, and also found a place in the top 10 pour over coffees we tried. This great combination means it tops our list of the best overall coffees in the world for 2017. The crew from 1000 Faces said – “Finca Carmona is an exemplar of Guatemalan coffee. Plums, spice, and apple juice sweetness! When visiting, we were impressed by the cleanliness, organization, and beauty of the farm. This will hopefully be an annual offering!” Congratulations to everyone involved with bringing this special coffee to market.

Listed below are the 10 best in each category.

Best Overall Coffee in 2017

  1. “Finca Carmona” from 1000 Faces Coffee – 180pts
  2. “Mexico Huatusco” from Rose Park Roasters – 179pts.
  3. “DIY Espresso” from Bootstrap Coffee – 179pts.
  4. “Misuku Malawi” from Tinker Coffee – 179pts.
  5. “Yirgacheffe-Chelelektu” from Encore Coffee Co – 178pts.
  6. “Guji Shakisu” from Evans Brothers Coffee – 177pts.
  7. “Yukiro Coop” from Devout Coffee – 176pts.
  8. “Costa Rica No. 201” from Oceana Coffee – 176pts.
  9. “Costa Rica Don Sabino” from Bangarang Coffee – 176pts
  10. “Guji Ethiopia” from Tinker Coffee Co. – 176pts.

Best Espresso – 2017:

  • “Finca Carmona” from 1000 Faces Coffee – 92pts.
  • “DIY Espresso” from Bootstrap Coffee – 91pts.
  • “Costa Rica No. 201” from Oceana Coffee – 90pts.
  • “Yirgacheffe-Chelelektu” from Encore Coffee Co. – 89pts.
  • “Kochere, Ethiopia” from Picacho Coffee – 89pts.
  • “Guji Ethiopia” from Tinker Coffee Co. – 89pts.
  • “Mexico Huatusco” from Rose Park Roasters – 89pts.
  • “Guji Shakisu” from Evans Brothers Coffee – 88pts.
  • “Summer Break Blend” from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters – 88pts.
  • “Sumatra No. 301” from Oceana Coffee – 88pts.

The best pure coffee this year comes from Tinker Coffee Co, in Indianapolis Indiana, with their offering of “Misuku Malawi“. It narrowly edged out Bangarang Coffee’s Don Sabino to take the top spot. The Malawi was such a unique coffee and really appealed to us.

Steve Hall co-founder of Tinker Coffee shared this about the coffee. “We’ve purchased coffee from the Mzuzu Cooperative in Malawi for the past several years and couldn’t be happier with the quality year after year. As a lesser known coffee producing country, sharing coffee from Malawi is a special treat for us. The northern hills of Malawi receive plenty of rainfall, and the influence of Lake Malawi (the 9th largest lake in the world) helps to maintain a moderate climate with excellent soil conditions. These conditions help produce beautiful coffees with vibrant brightness and a rich, syrupy sweetness. It’s no surprise this has been our best selling coffee this year”

Best Coffees – 2017:

  • “Misuku Malawi” – Tinker Coffee – 92pts.
  • “Costa Rica Don Sabino” – Bangarang Coffee – 91pts.
  • “Mexico Huatusco” – Rose Park Roasters – 90pts.
  • “Yukiro Coop” – Devout Coffee – 89pts.
  • “Guji Shakisu” – Evans Brothers Coffee – 89pts.
  • “Yirgacheffe-Chelelektu” – Encore Coffee Co. – 89pts.
  • “Goborta” – 1000 Faces Coffee – 89pts.
  • “Guji Ethiopia” – Tinker Coffee Co. – 89pts.
  • “Finca Carmona: from 1000 Faces Coffee – 88pts.

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