Blue Copper Coffee – Redacted Espresso

Redacted Espresso from Blue Copper

Blue Copper is a Salt Lake City based coffee company that was started in 2000. They have two coffee shops in downtown SLC, and are known for their espresso blends.

roaster: Blue Copper Coffee, Salt Lake City, UT
origin: Brazil, Peru
price: $17
tasting: 5/18/20

Blue Copper as we mentioned is based in Utah, and they’ve been around for awhile, running a couple established coffeeshops. They have over a dozen coffee offerings and offer two espresso options at their coffeeshops. We were excited try this seasonal espresso blend. They focus on roasting their coffees on the lighter side of the spectrum.

This is a good all around coffee, and as we’ve mentioned before some espresso blends can make for really good pour over coffee, because the offer a wide range of flavors. We were excited to taste an espresso blend, as we don’t commonly get many to review. A lot of places don’t state the make-up of their espresso blends, but Blue Copper openly states 70% of this blend is from Port Alegre, Brazil and 30% from Santo Tomas, Peru.

This was a good coffee, perfect for summer and the warn Utah weather. It complied a lot of flavors, giving a long lasting and changing flavor. You’ll noticed the peanut butter of the Brazilian coffee beans, but as a coffee it has a unique lighter finish.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

As an espresso, it was light and sweet. Brazilian beans are a hallmark of espresso blends. The drink was a little sweeter than some espressos we’ve tried, it had subtle cashew notes and was good for sipping.

Espresso Rating – 89pts.

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