Bootstrap Coffee – DIY Espresso

DIY Espresso from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters


roaster: Bootstrap Coffee, St. Paul, MN
origin: Gauriroba Farm, Brazil
tasting: 8/5/17
price: $16.00

Bootstrap is an up and coming coffee company from Minnesota, who specializes in sourcing unique coffees.

This is a true espresso, but it’s rare to see an espresso, made from single origin beans. We should note that Bootstrap’s “DIY Espresso” is subject to change, with seasonality, but these beans from the Gauriroba Farm make up the current version of the product. As an espresso it tastes very sweet, with notes of tangerine and oranges. This one is loaded with flavor. A great espresso should be sweet, which this one is with an extremely tangy finish.

Espresso Rating – 91pts.

As a coffee this makes for an easy drinking, warm weather blend. It’s a really light coffee, no short on flavor, but light on the tongue. The same orange cream and tangerine flavors show through. This one might be a touch to exotic for traditional coffee drinkers, but most of you will appreciate its unique appeal. It ranks near the top our coffee ratings for 2017.

Coffee Rating – 88pts.

Special thanks to the Bootstrap team for the coffee, visit them at