Cody Coffee – Bliss Creek Peru

“Bliss Creek” from Cody Coffee


roaster: Cody Coffee Roasters; Cody, WY
origin: Peru
price: $14 – (1lb)
tasting: 2/4/19

This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed from Wyoming’s Cody Coffee. The name sake Bliss Creek is mountain pass area in Yellowstone Park.

The coffee is a single origin from Peru, it was a medium roast and worked well as both an espresso and coffee. Peruvian coffee, has traditionally been underrated, but that’s starting to change thanks to some good craft roasters. As an espresso it had a slightly bitter finish with nice balance of chocolate.  As an espresso it had a slightly bitter finish with nice balance of chocolate. For those of you new to our reviews bitterness in an espresso is a desired characteristic by many. This coffee produced an espresso that has good complexity, and wasn’t overwhelmingly chocolate, with a subtle touch of orange flavor.

Espresso Rating – 89pts.

As a pour over coffee it was smooth and with a rich body. Typically we don’t see single origins with this much body or fullness. You certainly notice the chocolate notes, with hints of orange and blueberry. This one is not a fruit forward, it’s well balanced, and would certainly be appreciated by most coffee drinkers. At only $14 for a pound, it represents a good value.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

Special thanks to Jesse from Cody Coffee for all the coffee, visit them at