Coffee Del Rey – Yirgacheffe Halu Beriti

“Yirgacheffe Halu Beriti” from Coffee Del Rey


roaster:Coffee Del Rey; Plano, TX
origin: Ethiopia
price: $17
tasting: 9/22/19

This coffee comes to us from Plano Texas, a town just north of Dallas. Coffee Del Rey is great local roaster and coffee shop. We LOVE their work as a portion of all their profits go right back into the community to the North Texas Food Bank. The purchase of their Dominican Republic and our Ethiopian coffees also goes back to two other charities; the Doulos Discovery School in the Dominican, and New Covenant Missions in Ethiopia.

About the coffee, the Halu Beriti washing station services over 750 small farms in the famous coffee producing region of Yirgacheffe. This coffee showed some nice character compared to other coffees we’ve had from the region.

As an espresso it was a little sweet, but tasted somewhat in-line with other Yirgacheffe’s we’ve had. Not the real creamy espresso we like to pull, but as which most single origins they’re ideal for pour over coffees.

Espresso Rating – 86pts.

This a single origin coffee from high altitude in Ethiopia, but it has rich and complex coffee. While the package says light roast, we certainly consider it a medium roast. The tasting notes of jasmine and peaches, we noticed more peaches than anything with some chocolate.

Coffee Rating – 90pts.

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About our ratings – For both ratings (espresso & pour over) we’re looking at the flavor profile, along with drink-ability and balance. Reviewing the coffee as the espresso gives us extra insights into the nuanced flavors of the beans.