Darkling Espresso Blend form Night Shift Coffee

roaster: Night Shift Brewing: Boston, MA
origin:  El Salvador, Guatemala
price: $15
tasting: 7/30/20

This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed form Night Shift Coffee, which was born out of Night Shift Brewing in Everett Massachusetts. They started as a craft brewery, but have expanded into a coffee roasting business as well. Their mission is to offer fresh craft coffee through approachable, inclusive experiences.  They have a coffee bar at their brewery at Lovejoy Wharf in Boston.

Nightshift tells us this is a blend of two coffees, 65% from El Salvador and 35 from Barrancas, Gautemala. Which is somewhat unqiue as both bean come from Central America. A lot of times we’ll see espresso blend with beans from different continents. Anyway, this coffee was done as a dark roast.

If you like good dark coffee, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also well prices at $15 a bag. it was light and airy, the first flavor we noticed was apricot. They have tasting notes of white grapefruit which is common from coffees in from this area. This wasn’t an acidic as some can be, so we feel it was very well done. It was on the slightly on the fruity side, but not overly fruity or floral, which is why it makes a for a nice soft summer coffee. Very good coffee. We don’t get to review too many dark roast coffees, and this was one of the darker roasts we’ve reviewed, it’s a good coffee, especially if you like dark roasts.

Coffee Rating – 86pts.

As an espresso, it was good rich, and velvety. Creamy, a little darker than most espresso blends. It made for a good espresso.

Espresso Rating – 89pts.

Visit them at NightShiftBrewing.com