Deep Sky Coffee – Brazil

Brazil from Deep Sky Coffee Co.

Deep Sky is a small veteran owned coffee company from Tampa, Florida. We took a look at their Brazilian offering, because despite Brazil being the largest coffee producer in the world, we very rarely get single origin coffees from Brazil to review.

roaster: Deep Sky Coffee; Tampa, FL
origin: Brazil
price: $15
tasting: 4/28/20

Starting off Deep Sky is a young coffee company in 2019, with the hope to one day have a shop. Currently they sell coffees online and wholesale. They’re giving back some of their profits to have help veterans. We also tried their Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, which were good as well.

This coffee is a Brazilian Coffee from the Chapada de Minas region which is in the mountains between Brasilia and San Paulo. Brazil is home to many large coffee farms and produces more coffee than any other country. A large percentage of that coffee is Robusta coffee vs. the Arabica Coffee that you find in specialty coffee shops.

As a pour over coffee it was full bodied with lasting flavor. A lot of people associate Brazilian Coffee with a peanut butter flavor. This coffee however had a more cola type taste and finished with notes of orange. We think this a coffee that would appeal to a lot of people.

Coffee Rating – 87pts.

As an espresso, it was fairly strong and dark to start. sweet and mineral flavor to start. There were some tastes of citrus and oranges too from this as an espresso.

Espresso Rating – 86pts.

Thanks to Joe from the Deep Sky for the coffee, visit them at