Dune Coffee – Colombia Andrei Plazas

“Colombia Andrei Plazas” from Dune Coffee


roaster: Dune Coffee Roasters; Santa Barbara, CA
origin: Huila, Colombia
price: $18.00
tasting: 5/2/18

This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed from Californian based Dune Coffee Roasters. This is a single origin coffee, from the popular coffee region of Huila, Colombia. Andrei Plazas is the producer / farmer, and the namesake of this coffee.

As an espresso it surprised with a pumpkin like taste. It might be a combination of the plum and tangerine mixing under the pressure. Either way it was smooth and drinkable, with a classic slight espresso bitterness.

Espresso Rating – 86pts.

This is a medium roasted coffee that as a pour over, provided notes of tangerines, with a more plum-y finish. This is a coffee that showed true single origin characteristics, but it’s not over-powering or exotic, and most coffee drinkers will enjoy this roast.

Coffee Rating – 87pts.

Special thanks to Chach from Dune for the coffee, visit them at dunecoffeeroasters.com. Make sure you check them out!