Encore Coffee – Yirgacheffe-Chelelektu | Coffee Review

“Yirgacheffe-Chelelektu” from Encore Coffee Co.


Roaster: Encore Coffee, Kansas City, MS
Origin: Chelelektu, Ethiopia
Tasting: 6/1/2017
Price: $14.99

This is a brand new coffee from Encore Coffee. Encore is roaster in Kansas City. The coffee is from the town of Chelelektu, which is just south of the famous high altitude coffee town of Yirgacheffe. It has a great aroma, and would be considered a light roast.

This coffee is a single origin and like others from nearby in Ethiopia, it makes for a good espresso, because of its acidity. It’s one of the few single origins that can be used for espresso. It tastes sweet, slightly citrus with nutty characteristics.

Espresso Rating – 89pts

This coffee tastes of mellow citrus, with a really good finish for an Ethiopian coffee. It’s light and even slightly nutty as the espresso. It rates as one of the best all around coffees, rated this year.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

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Special thanks to the team from Encore for the coffee, visit them at www.encorecoffeeco.com.