“Ethiopia Layo Taraga” – The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company

“Ethiopia Layo Taraga” from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co.



roaster: The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company; Sioux Falls, SD
origin: Guji; Ethiopia
price: $17
tasting: 10/14/18

This is a single origin coffee from the popular Guji coffee region in Ethiopia. The Guji region can produce some unique and incredible coffee flavors. Ethiopian Coffees are actually our most commonly reviewed coffee. Ethiopia is really the birthplace of coffee, and this forest covered region is perfect for growing coffee. This is a high altitude coffee grown around 2,000 meters. Generally speaking the higher altitude creates a denser coffee bean with a higher concentration of sugars.

This coffee was roasted by The Breaks Coffee Roasters a small batch roaster in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They did a great job bringing out the flavor of this coffee, with a nice medium roast. We were impressed to see a roaster from South Dakota bringing these types of quality coffees to the market.

As an espresso it’s a coffee that produces a totally different style of espresso. It’s creamy and floral, with plenty of jasmine flavor. It’s just not a coffee bean that’s ideal for espresso, certainly not your classic espresso, which are almost always blends.

Espresso Rating – 85pts.

As coffee it holds true to the jasmine and floral flavors. It’s somewhat tea like, with a smooth finish. The simple truth is, this a unique coffee that really has a special flavor, depending on your taste profile it’s one you may absolutely love.

Coffee Rating – 86pts.

Special thanks to the team from The Breaks for the coffee, visit them at thebreakscoffeeroasting.com.

We’ll have another review coming up from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company, so make sure you check back soon.

About our ratings – For both ratings (espresso & pour over) we’re looking at the flavor profile, along with drink-ability and balance. Reviewing the coffee as the espresso gives us extra insights into the nuanced flavors of the beans.