Fast Forward – Counter Culture Coffee

Fast Forward by Counter Culture Coffee


roaster: Counter Culture Coffee; Durham, NC, USA.
origin: Los Vascos, Columbia; Idido, Ethiopia.
tasting: 9/15/16
price: $13

We picked this coffee up while vacationing on the Outer Banks, in Counter Culture’s home state of North Carolina. Of course Counter Culture is one of the best known craft coffee roasters in the USA.Counter Culture has gone through a couple or rebrands, but “Fast Forward” is one of their key six coffees, they offer year round.

This is a coffee made up of beans from Los Vascos, Columbia (90%) and Idido, Ethiopia (10%). Coffees from Idido are a very popular with Counter Culture, but only represent 10% of the beans used in this coffee.  It’s super nutty, probably the most nutty tasting espresso I can remember. It’s definitely an unique light taste, with hints a brown sugar. A great coffee to try on a warm summer day.

Espresso Rating: 87pts.

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