Ferris Coffee – Ethiopia Misty Valley

Ethiopia Misty Valley by Ferris Coffee

roaster: Ferris Coffee; Grand Rapids, MI, USA.
origin: Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia (single origin)
tasting: 10/18/16
price: $18

Ferris Coffee is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been producing many quality specialty offerings. They have a huge coffee team, and re a family-owned and operated company with a heritage that dates back to 1924. (Making them probably the oldest continuing coffee roaster we’ve ever reviewed.) Their team has been perfecting the taste of Ferris coffees and nuts (Yes they also sell nuts) for nearly a century.

This coffee comes from the Gedeo Zone in the famous coffee producing region of Yirgacheffe, in Ethiopia. To be 100% accurate, Yirgacheffe, is actually inside of the Gedeo Zone, and but most roasters only label these coffees as originating from Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia is pretty crazy with how they identify regions, but Yirgacheffe is certainly the most well known. This would be considered a single origin coffee, most coffees as you may know are actually blends from multiple locations / counties. Consider by many to be the best place in the world to grow coffee. Abdullah Bagersh is the local producer, and the “tier 3” means it’s a specialty direct from the farm coffee. It also means it’s limited in quantity, which explains the higher price point. This is a great classic espresso, light nutty but not overly nutty, smooth. I taste butterscotch, and floral notes, it has a slight bitterness but inline for what most people look for in an espresso.

Espresso Rating: 90pts.

*Update as of March 2018, the Ethiopian Misty Valley still remains as one of Ferris’ core coffee offering, and remains priced at $18.

Special thanks to the team at Ferris Coffee for the coffee, visit them at FerrisCoffee.com

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