Joules & Watts Coffee – Guatemala

Guatemala Solola from Joules & Watts Coffee Roasters

This coffee comes to us from Joules & Watts Coffee, a micro-roaster in Los Angeles, CA. Joules & Watts is a new coffee company serving small batch coffees to shops and retailers in the Los Angeles area.

roaster: Joules & Watts; Los Angeles, CA
origin: Guatemala
price: $16
tasting: 5/11/20

Joules & Watts is a new roaster and they do not have a coffee shop. They currently offer four coffees, including two from Guatemala. This coffee is grown in the mountains outside of Solola, Guatemala. The volcanic soils and high altitude make this a great place to grow coffee. The coffee is a fair trade organic coffee, and it’s also washed, meaning the fruit around the coffee seed was extracted by using water.

This is a medium roast coffee and as a pour over was darker and fuller than we expected. You can get subtle hints of chocolate and almonds. The coffee flows well, with no unpleasant tastes, and would be a coffee most coffee drinkers would enjoy. This is the second coffee we’ve tried from them, their Peru Coffee is also quite good.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

As an espresso, it was super sweet, completely different from the flavors noticed in the pour over coffee. It had really intense orange and citrus flavor.

Espresso Rating – 83pts.

Thanks to the team from Joules & Watts for the coffee, visit them at

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