La Colombe – Origins

Origins by La Colombe Coffee Roasters


roaster: La Colombe; Philadelphia, PA, USA.
origin: Columbia, Kenya (blend)
tasting: 11/20/16
price: $18

This coffee comes from the famous La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia. La Colombe is a growing craft roaster famous for sourcing unique coffees. A side note is they’ve just updated the artwork on coffee’s bag, so if you’re looking for it online don’t be fooled. The coffee is a blend of select beans from Columbia & Kenya, and it’s one of La Colombe’s Workshop blends, which are typically well received. It’s highly likely a combination of their San Roque Colombian, and Kiriti Kenyan single origin coffees. It’s medium to light on the senses, and tastes smooth, with hints of sweetness. Very tea like, (comparable to black tea) and not a lot of acidity like many coffees from Kenya.

Espresso Rating: 88pts.

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