Oceana Coffee – Sumatra No. 301

Sumatra No. 301 from Oceana Coffee

sumatra oceana coffee florida

roaster: Oceana Coffee Roasters; Tequesta, FL
origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
price: $unknown
tasting: 9/29/17

This is another coffee form Florida’s Oceana Coffee, we actually reviewed this a few weeks back, but have been slow to get the review posted. This is a single origin espresso from Sumatra, which is a region in Indonesia. These beans are ideal for a variety of different methods, espresso, pour over, even a french press.

As an espresso it starts sweet and goes towards an earthier finish. A lot of butterscotch, some chocolate nutmeg. Pretty good balance through out.

Espresso Rating – 88pts.

This is a rdarker roast, but a roast most coffee drinkers will welcome. As a coffee you get more hints of chocolate, with even a slight smokey note. A rich coffee, that will appeal to most coffee drinkers.

Coffee Rating – 87pts.

Special thanks to Oceana for the coffee, visit them at OceanaCoffee.com

About our ratings – For both ratings (espresso & pour over) we’re looking at the flavor profile, along with drink-ability and balance. Reviewing as the espresso gives us extra insights into the nuanced flavors of the beans.