Press Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Konga

Ethiopia Konga by Press Coffee Roasters

roaster: Press Coffee Roasters; Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
origin: Konga (Gedeo Zone), Ethiopia
tasting: 12/22/16
price: $18.50

Press Coffee is a growing roaster from the Phoenix area. Press has a good mix of single origin coffees from around the world. This coffee come from the village of Konga, in the famous Gedeo Zone region of Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffees are quite popular right now, especially with the trendy coffee shops. We knew this was going to be a great espresso by the amount of crema we got from the double shot. This coffee has nice hints of acidity which is a trait of high altitude African coffees. (Its rarer to see coffees grow at altitudes about 2,000 meters. Tastes notes are juicy & jammy flavors. This coffee is sweet, savory and special. One of the best espressos we’ve rated!

Espresso Rating: 94pts.

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