Progress Coffee – Cowboy Blend

“Cowboy Blend” from Progress Coffee


roaster: Progress Coffee; Austin TX
origin: (blend)
price: $11
tasting: 11/29/18

This is the first coffee we tried from Progress Coffee. Progress is a small batch roaster from Austin, Texas. We like what they’re doing with coffee, and will have another Progress Coffee review coming up soon. Progress started as a cafe in east Austin over ten years ago; long before mid- or high-rises dotted the sky. They sell a lot of different coffees, at really reasonable prices, so they’re definitely worth checking them out.

This is a coffee blend that kept a similar flavor profile as both an espresso and coffee. It was nutty and slightly sweet, but not overly weighted in either direction. It started nutty almost like a peanut butter, which is not surprising considering the beans had a great peanut butter aroma. The espresso pulls were peanut butter to a slightly sweet butterscotch cream.

Espresso Rating – 87pts.

This is a medium roast, which works well for the warm weather of Central Texas. As a coffee it was again slightly nutty with some tangerine and citrus notes. It was interesting because it went in between flavors, but wasn’t overwhelming towards one flavor, and was consistent each time we tried it.

Coffee Rating – 86pts.

Special thanks to the team from Progress for all the coffee, visit them at and if you’re ever in Austin pay them a visit.

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