Progress Coffee Driveway Blend

“Driveway Blend” from Progress Coffee


roaster: Progress Coffee; Austin TX
origin: Sumarta, Ethiopia (blend)
price: $11
tasting: 12/10/18

This is the second coffee we’ve reviewed from Progress Coffee. Progress is a small batch roaster from Austin, Texas. The proceeds from this blend help support a bike race in Austin. We know this is a blend of two coffees, one from Sumatra, and one from Ethiopia. It’s a light roast by our standards and produced quite a unique espresso. As we covered in our last post, Progress Coffee started as a cafe in east Austin over ten years ago. They sell a lot of different coffees at reasonable prices, so they’re definitely worth checking them out.

This is a blend that tasted different as both an espresso and coffee. The espresso was very light almost airy, with a sweet creamy flavor. This was not your typical espresso, other than some butterscotch notes.  It was very light on the tongue, sweet, and maybe just a small hint of chocolate from the Sumatran beans. The uniqueness of this blend is we didn’t get the berries as an espresso, but they showed up in force as a coffee.

Espresso Rating – 85pts.

As a coffee it showed more signs of the berry flavor, which a much fuller body. It shifted to a slightly earthy tone, but there were a lot of blueberry flavor notes. If you’re into the berry flavored coffees you would enjoy this one. It was too light or sweet, which is sometimes typical of berry flavored coffees, a traditional coffee drinker could easily approach this coffee. 

Coffee Rating – 88pts.

Special thanks to the team from Progress for all the coffee, visit them at

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