Rosalind Coffee – Jade Espresso

“Jade Espresso” from Rosalind Coffee Roasters

Rosalind Espresso

roaster: Rosalind Coffee Roasters; Brooklyn, NY, USA
origin: unknown (Blend)
tasting: 3/08/2017
price: $18.50

Rosalind is a new roaster based in Brooklyn with ties to Dallas as well. The origin of this blend is unknown, however we know there are peaberries in it, which is not uncommon for an espresso blend.  We don’t know the price or even were to purchase their coffees, but will be sure to update the post. The bags are very well designed, so we hope to be seeing them in coffee shops soon.  The espresso tastes sweet and creamy with notes of vanilla, and hints of orange.

Espresso Rating – 86pts

Remember this coffee is label as an espresso, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it as a straight coffee. As a coffee it certainly works well, we would say it certainly would be preferred as coffee by some. The coffee tastes floral with notes of butterscotch, and hints of that sweet cream.

Coffee Rating – 85pts.

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Special thanks to the team from Rosalind for the coffee, visit them at We’ll be reviewing another Rosalind blend soon.