Santa Clara Guatemala – Stumptown Coffee

Santa Clara Guatemala by Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Santa Clara - Stumptown

roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters; Brooklyn, NY, USA.
origin: Santa Clara, Guatemala
tasting: 9/20/16
price: $18

First off, this the first official review – We evolved from the popular espresso reviews Mike was doing on Instagram. Where you can see previous reviews at #mrespressorating on Instagram.

Stumptown is one of the most famous craft coffee roasters in the US. While most people associate Stumptown with Portland Oregon, this coffee is actually roasted in Brooklyn, NY. Which is fitting since New York actually happens to be where we visited a Stumptown Coffee shop for the first time. The one in the famous Ace hotel, if you’re wondering. Today Stumptown Coffee can now be found throughout the USA. The Santa Clara is a very unique and special coffee. Lots of crema, and very light on the first sip, with tasting notes of sweet melons and even yams.

Espresso Rating – 90pts.

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