Stageline Coffee Roasters – Mistletoe

“Mistletoe” from Stageline Coffee


roaster: Stageline Coffee Roasters; New Market, MD
origin: Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia (blend)
price: $19
tasting: 12/16/18

This coffee makes the relatively short trip to Kittanning from New Market, Maryland. Stageline is a small batch craft roaster that’s putting out some wonderful coffees!

This is a blend of three coffees that creates a flavorful espresso. It has a great rich color and produced and sublimely smooth espresso. Orange was the dominant flavor, with some cola and cranberry flavors. It wasn’t sweet or bitter, it had a nice consistent flavor, and was one of the smoothest espresso finishes we’ve tried.

Espresso Rating – 90pts.

As a coffee it stayed true to the espresso tasting notes. Even through it was a medium roast it had a nice full body flavor, and stayed consistent with each sip. Orange was main flavor, but we noticed some cola, cranberry notes as well. It was just a well balance coffee which really showcases how coffee blends when done right, create an elegant coffee.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

Special thanks to the team from Stageline for all the coffee, visit them at

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