Strigo Coffee – Thee-O’s Blend

“Thee-O’s Blend” from Strigo Coffee

Strigo Coffee

roaster: Strigo Coffee; Norwalk, CT
origin: Brazil, Uganada
price: $18
tasting: 3/04/19

This coffee is a blend of beans from Brazil & Uganda, and it comes Strigo Coffee in Norwalk Connecticut. The coffee was a created as collaboration with the famous DJ Thee-O. It’s a neat blend of beans, as we don’t see too many coffees from Uganda. It was smooth as a pour over, and as an espresso it had a lot of chocolate and berry flavor. Many espresso blends, actually use Brazilian Coffee Beans in the blend, and this coffee produced a nice crema. It tasted a lot bolder and darker as an espresso vs. a pour over.

Espresso Rating – 87pts.

This is a coffee blend that does goes well for late nights and early mornings, and is perfect as a pour over coffee. We typically rate blends higher, because we taste the coffee, instead of drinking the coffee. Therefore in a blend you catch a lot of flavors and transitions between the beans you don’t really find in single origin coffees. The flavors here were again chocolate and red berries, with a nice balance, making this a good coffee that would appeal to most coffee drinkers. Strigo is a new micro-craft roaster, so make sure to check them out.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

Special thanks to Strigo for the coffee, visit them at