Windmill Coffee Roasters – El Aguacate Colombia

El Aguacate Colombia from Windmill Coffee Roasters

Windmill is a craft coffee company on the plains outside of Ames Iowa. They sell wholesale coffee and subscriptions while roasting a variety of craft coffees from around the world.

roaster: Windmill Coffee; Ames, IA
origin: Colombia
price: $19
tasting: 5/4/20

This is the first true summer coffee we’ve tried this year. As mentioned Windmill is just off highway 30, outside of Ames Iowa. They do not have a coffee shop, and currently are operating as a wholesale roaster. For being just a small company they have a large variety of coffees from around the globe.

El Aguacate is the name of farm where this coffee is grown high in the mountains of Colombia. This is a small farm that is really focused on creating a nice product.

The coffee is light on the tongue with notes of citrus. The label has tasting notes of green apple and almonds. We would say it’s somewhere in between, with more of a light citrus and light cream feel to the cup. The coffee is on the sweeter side so it might not be perfect for everyone, but this is definitely a nice summer coffee.

Coffee Rating – 89pts.

As an espresso, it was sweet in subtle way, not a mineral sweetness, but a sugar sweetness. Maybe some notes of mango and papaya. There were some notes of lemons too from this as an espresso.

Espresso Rating – 86pts.

Thanks to the team from the Windmill for the coffee, visit them at