Summer Drink Menu 2023

Here’s the new Ispirare Coffee Summer Menu for 2023!

A few important notes:Any latte can be made iced and don’t forget we have a variety of coffee smoothies that we can make in any flavor combination. Plus we can add cold foam to any iced drink.

We make a variety of mochas - peach mochas, orange, raspberry, those all taste great for summer! Don’t be shy with the shaken espressos, they’re very good.

The spritz drinks are non-coffee / no caffeine.

If you’re interested in an espresso tonic, orange is a flavor that goes really well with that drink.

We offer a lot drink combinations & seasonal lattes especially for being a Specialty Coffeeshop. However we can still do many off menu drinks and flavor combinations. For example if you want to iced London fog with cold foam, we can do it. Simply ask if you’re looking for something.

Our new June Latte of the Month will be out on Thursday, and don’t worry we’ve moved the Banana Bread Latte to the regular menu.

Finally Thank You to everyone, it’s your support that make it all possible!